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"To the Man with the Healing Hands. Thanks for your help over the last 12 months John. Your support during the Arch to Arc Challenge enabled me to stay in good shape throughout, resulting in a rewarding and successful result."  Andy Mouncey - Triathlete, and Proprietor of the Coach Company. Second man ever to complete the 87 mile run, 22mile Channel Swim and 180 miles bike ride, which makes up the Arch to Arc Challenge.
Following my terrible injury at Old Trafford whilst playing for Coventry City against Manchester United. I enlisted the help of John Williams at Atlas Pain Relief Centre.
I wish to thank him for the rehabilitation and treatment I received on my leg which has assisted my recovery. When necessary I consult John and seek advice on Sports Injuries in my new role as a soccer coach.
David Busst (Coventry City FC)
I have been a regular visitor to Atlas Pain Relief Centre for 10 years now. Racing cars around the world is very physically demanding and I have found regular visits to John Williams helps to keep me in good shape . I find John friendly, reliable and most of all very committed to his work. I thoroughly recommend him for treatment of sporty and not so sporty types.
Kelvin Burt Motor Racing Driver and Former Formula 3 world Champion.
“ I originally visited John Williams crippled, literally unable to walk, get in and out of a chair or car, and least of all able to ride a horse. Within 2 sessions I could walk without pain, ride, drive and do all the things anyone should be able to do without discomfort. John keeps me supple and pain free allowing me to do my job properly. John, you’re a miracle worker ! “
Jo Aston - Professional Event Rider
I have been seeing John for about 4 years now after sustaining a very bad
injury in my quad when I was 16.

He helped me with treatment and through my rehabilitation and I was up and running within a month and went on that year to break the UK record in the 300m hurdles.

I continued to see him after this regularly as a 'prevention rather than cure  The amazing orthotics which I had fitted at Atlas Pain Relief Centre have been a God's send
I never go anywhere without them!         Meghan Beasley   400m Hurdler

In late January I visited Atlas Pain Relief, Tamworth and met with Clinic Director, John Williams.  After a full assessment it was established that the problems I was experiencing was due to over-pronation of my feet and one of my legs being slightly longer than the other.  John carried out some soft tissue and muscle treatment to ease the tension in my legs and the following week I met with Peter Taylor at the Solihull Clinic to have a full bio- mechanical assessment and gait analysis.  I left the clinic with a pair of custom orthotics that corrected my over pronation and leg length and renewed confidence in my ability to complete my life-time goal.

I continued to train and slowly I started to ramp up my mileage.  By the middle of March I was running 18/20 miles on a Sunday and then training three-four times during the week.  I experienced a few minor aches and pains in the final weeks and John carried out some soft tissue work to help keep me relatively pain free.

I completed the Flora London Marathon 2009 in 4:14:46 - it was one of my life-time achievements.  I would to thank the team at Atlas Pain Relief for all their help and advice - they truly are exceptional.
Thanks, Nivette Mullan - London Marathon 2009

In this day and age finding a professional service supported by first class customer service is very difficult.  I am pleased to say that I found this excellent combination in Atlas Pain Relief, Tamworth.

From the very first contact with the team at Atlas I felt they were genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goal - completing the Flora London Marathon, 2009.

Completing the Flora London Marathon was a life-time goal and having only completed two half marathon’s late in 2008 it was also to be the longest distance I had ever run.
I had just started training for the London Marathon when I developed shin splints. I found Atlas on the marathon website and sought their help, the best move I ever made. The team fitted me up with custom orthotics, gave me treatments which allowed me to keep going, and advised on how to structure the remainder of my training. As a result I successfully completed my first marathon, a fantastic experience. I have already applied for next year's race and will not hesitate to contact Atlas again should I have any further problems. Many many thanks to John and the team for all the help and encouragement without which I'd never have made it.
Charlotte Barry  -  London Marathon success 2009
I started to train for the marathon in January 2009 and soon established that something was not right.  I had experienced a few niggles whilst running previously but put this down to my inexperience, however the pain was getting worse and prolonged.  The marathon was fast approaching and I was in pain even after a short easy run. I needed help-fast.

I grabbed my Marathon News and flicked through the pages looking for some magical cure for my aches and pains!  Then I spotted a list of Marathon Injury Clinics - as I scrolled the list I found a clinic listed under Birmingham - Atlas Sports Injury Clinic.