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Shinsplints, anterior shinsplints, shin pain and posterior shinsplints are terms describing periostitis which is inflammation of the periosteum.  In simple terms the outer lining of the shin bone becomes inflamed where the muscle is attached to it.

Causes may vary but overpronation is a common cause which can be corrected with prescription orthotics.

Running on hard surfaces without the correct footwear can also irritate the shins.  A full biomechanical evaluation is needed to determine the cause and formulate a treatment plan for the shin pain.

Runners often experience shinsplints when training for marathons.  Running long distances in poor footwear or on uneven ground can take its toll on muscles and joints.  Poor biomechanics involving overpronation will put excessive strain on the periosteum and the shins will develop soreness.

Posterior shin pain can be found on the inside edge of the shin where the calf muscle meets the shin bone.
Normally located in the lower third of the shin above the inside ankle bone.  Pressure applied here would result in tenderness. Runners desribe this as "inside shin pain"  Correct name is Posterior Periostitis

As the condition is of an inflammatory nature it is advised that you use ice to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Treatment is very specific for this condition which can stop you running if not addressed promptly.  Rest and a return to training
only to find no improvement will only aggravate the condition which will become chronic and interfere with your training programme.

If you find yourself with pain around the shins then please take advice. Tamworth Sports Injury Clinic and
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic have experienced sports physiotherapists who can help you to get back running quickly

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           Posterior Shinsplints
Anterior shin pain is found on the front of the shin bone and can be caused by excessive walking activities especially up hills.  Runners describe this as "front of shin pain".  Correct name is Anterior Periostitis
Runners and marathon runners in particular may suffer from shinsplints or described by location, pain in the front of the shin.  Runners with flat feet and dropped arches are likely to develop shinsplints which can stop you running.  Often foot orthotics for runners can resolve shinsplints as it can be caused by overpronation of the feet and ankles which flattens your arches.  Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) is another condition resulting from dropped foot arches.  Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull Birmingham specialise in shinsplints and can help injured runners.