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Specialist running shops that retail running shoes and trainers will normally have a large selection of footwear for you to try before you buy and offer advice on what they consider would be best for you.

Some of the shops will have a motorised treadmill and perhaps a video camera to be able to assess your running style and gait. Running gait analysis will help to determine the best shoes for you. This also allows you to try the trainers on in the shop and run in them before making your choice. 

It is important to stress that in most cases the staff at running retail outlets are not biomechanical specialists.
They will of course advise you on their particular area of expertise, which is selecting the best running footwear for you and your style of running.

Bear in mind that if you are a pronator, meaning "overpronator" you probably have a different prescription requirement between your left and right feet.  Just like your eyes may have a different prescription between left and right, the feet are the same.

This means that it is difficult to obtain accurate biomechanical correction from running shoes alone and your retail outlet will usually advise you if they feel you need to visit a local podiatrist who fits prescription orthotics

The solution if you need an accurate biomechanical correction is to have custom orthotics made and fitted into neutral running shoes.  In order to get used to your orthotics you should wear them often, so it is advisable to have orthotics that fit your daily work and leisure footwear as well as your running shoes.

If you need advice on custom orthotics for runners or biomechanical correction for overpronators and overpronation call the experts at Atlas.

telephone the running sports injury team  on  0121 709 5222
Running shoes or running trainers are very important for the ultra distance or marathon runner. Advice is available at the Atlas Tamworth Clinic or the Solihull Clinic

Common problems with poor fitted shoes are blisters which are very painful and unecessary

Stability running shoes, overpronating shoes or overpronating trainers must be carefully selected to meet your own individual requirements. 

Neutral running shoes are also available alongside supportive training shoes at your local specialist running shoe retailer
Running shoes or running trainers are a vital part of your training equipment.  If you are intending to run the Virgin London Marathon, New York Marathon, the Great North Run, Birmingham Half Marathon or the shorter Lichfield 10k event you will need substantial footwear to cope with the mileage.

Atlas have launched a website for Marathon Runners called
This website will help runners with common running injuries and give tips and advice on running marathons
Blisters from poor fitting shoes