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Marathon running or ultra distance running requires long hours of training runs over long distances.  The London Marathon is an annual event that takes place in London and attracts runners from all over the globe.
Running Sports injuries can be treated at Solihull clinic or the Tamworth clinic should you pick up a running injury when training for events such as Birmingham Half Marathon, Great North Run or the Lichfield 10k

Many novice runners enter the race in order to raise money for their particular charity and begin training 12 months prior to the event itself.  Training programme's are available online and in magazines such as "Runners World" and many runners find this helpful in preparing them to run this challenging distance.  Atlas Running Injury Clinic can now be found listed on the Runners World website under "Runners Rescue"

26 miles of road running is a great achievement and requires dedication and endurance in order to complete the distance.  The actual race is probably the easiest part of the whole process providing you are not injured and have prepared properly.

The hardest thing about marathon running is the long hours of training and time dedicated to the training runs that have to take place,  This has to be done in order to condition your legs, feet, muscles,  joints and tendons to the repetitive movements that long distance running demands.

Half marathons like The Great North Run, Birmingham Half Marathon or the shorter Lichfield 10k are excellent preparation and assist with motivation of running longer distances.

Lower limb biomechanics are important and should you have any biomechanical faults, then this type of marathon training will result in you developing a running injury.  Shinsplints, achilles tendonitis, heel pain, calf strain, patella tendonitis and knee pain are very common when running long distances and need to addressed quickly if you are to continue running. 

Marathon running advice, marathon training advice, stretching exercises, sports massage and injury treatment will all play a part in your preparation as will selection of your running shoes.  There are many shoes on the market and you need to try and select a pair that are suitable for you.  Ensure they are comfortable and fit correctly and take advice from running shops that specialise in retailing these shoes.

Vaseline is a useful product to use when marathon running as it helps prevent friction.  Rubbed into feet and between toes it can prevent unwanted blisters which will stop you running.  Rubbed over nipples and around the top of your legs it will prevent your vest and shorts rubbing you especially if it is raining and wet.

Diet and fluid intake will play an important part in any athletes training plans so pay attention to this aspect.  Drink plenty of water during your training and again during the run itself.

Completing a marathon is a great experience and the training helps prevent weight gain and heart disease
Enjoy the training and good luck on the day.

If you need advice or tips on running a marathon, want an evaluation of your running gait, need orthotics or require injury treatment to get you back running again call our Solihull, Birmingham running injury team on
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We have Sports Injury Clinics for Runners and Triathletes in Tamworth Staffordshire and Solihull, West Midlands near Birmingham
Atlas have set up a new website
to support marathon runners of the London Marathon.

The London Marathon will be sponsored by Virgin and will be called the Virgin London Marathon from 2010.  The new website will have London Marathon training programmes and tips on injury prevention from a sports physiotherapist and sports podiatrist who are experienced runners themselves.