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Local Running Injury Clinics
Atlas Sports Injury Clinic

The sports injury specialists

4 Blossomfield Rd
West Midlands
B91 1LD

Tel :  0121 709 5222

Atlas Sports Injury Clinic

The sports injury specialists

Atlas Pain Relief Centre
7 Victoria Rd
B79 7HS

Tel :  01827 5994

Local Sports Injury Clinics who specialise in Running Injuries can be found below.   Marathon Training Programmes such as the 2010 Virgin London Marathon are hard on joints and muscles and can result in a running injury.  Atlas have set up a website to support the 2010 London Marathon runners and offer training advice and a list of running injury clinics who treat sports injuries and fit prescription orthotics for runners.
               Visit the Marathon website   www.londonmarathon-runninginjuryclinics.co.uk