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Solihull Running Injury Clinic based at Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in  Tamworth Staffordshire have installed a state of the art Laser Foot Scanner to provide runners with a more accurate biomechanical evaluation. Often searched as "lazer foot scan"
the laser scanner gives accuracy over casting and foot moulds of the feet for runners orthotics 

Runners can benefit from the accuracy of laser technology to provide a personal mapping of the contours of their feet.

Presented on screen in a 3D image the measurements can then be sent electronically to the USA where a pair of custom orthotics commonly known as orthotic insoles can be manufactured. .
The  marathon runner can expect to have the orthotics fitted in Solihull, Birmingham within 3 weeks of their first consultation.The custom fitted foot orthotic insoles are top of the range and have a lifetime guarantee which makes them cost effective.

When compared to plaster moulding boxes which are used to make a template of your footbeds, the laser foot scan is miles ahead in accuracy and provides the podiatrist with a detailed 3D orthosis prescription.

As part of the package Solihull Running Injury Clinic are including a video gait analysis alongside the Laser Foot Scanning. This running gait analysis will identify any potential problems you may have and will be recorded for you on a DVD.  You will have an explanation and a movie of your gait with any corrections made.

Solihull Running Injury Clinic will be providing a centre of excellence for runners and as well as fitting custom orthotics they will provide advice to runners on marathon training and sports injury treatment and prevention.

The Birmingham Sports Injury Clinic based at the Robin Hood Island, Hall Green hosts industry respected practitioners in Podiatry, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy and has excellent deep soft tissue and sports massage practitioners

If you live in Staffordshire we have a Tamworth Sports Injury Clinic where we can assess your biomechanics

If you want to find out more about custom orthotic insoles and foot orthotics call  
0121 709 5222
Sports Podiatrist Peter Taylor
Atlas will use this advanced technology for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon runners who may need the services of our sports podiatrist. Atlas have launched a new website to support the marathon training of the 2010 London Marathon runners.  Many have applied for 2010 London Marathon Charity places in order to raise money for good causes.