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In a runners world, knee pain is common. Distance running and novice runners can develop knee injuries when they increase mileage. There are a variety of causes which can be identified by the location of pain.

Front of knee pain, side of knee pain, back of knee pain can all stop you running and need to be diagnosed.

Ligament sprains, patella tendonitis, patella tracking pain, IT Band insertion inflammation and menisci cartilage tears can all produce knee pain and a knee injury.

In the majority of cases, knee pain is caused by a lower limb biomechanical problem which may affect patella alignment.
If you are a novice runner training for a long distance race such as the Virgin London Marathon or the Great North Run you will probably be following a training programme you have seen in a magazine or the internet.  Although helpful these programmes are for guidance only and should not be followed to the letter by everyone.

Runners will all begin with different fitness levels and abilities and therefore your training should be designed for your individual requirements.  Listen to your body and if you develop pain symptoms, get checked out by a competent experienced running physiotherapist.

Knee pain can be described by common names such as "runners knee or jumpers knee" but in most cases they all involve inflammation of some kind. Knee Inflammation can be eased by using ice over the area which will reduce pain and reduce any swelling which may occur. Sore knee or painful knees can be treated successfully

It is really important to discover the cause of your knee pain in order to treat it successfully.  Marathon running is hard on the knees as training mileage is high in the latter stages of preparation.  If you are suffering knee pain do not leave it to chance as it may stop you running.

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Knee Pain - a runners nightmare
Knee pain relief cannot be achieved with knee pain exercises alone. Knee pain causes are varied, knee pain after running is common if you have flat feet and dropped arches.

Knee pain in children is very often due to a growth spurt or poor biomechanics and can lead to knee pain at night which can be very uncomfortable for the youngster.
Over pronation can be a major factor in knee pain  
Diagnosis of painful knees is vital if you are to resolve the problem and a visit to a sports physiotherapist or sports podiatrist at a running sports injury clinic is better than a trip to your GP. Knee pains should not be ignored and may result in further running injuries if not attended to.