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Sports injury treatments for runners is a specialised area and would mostly be classified under overuse injuries as opposed to trauma injuries sustained in contact sports.

Runners injuries and running injuries need specialist knowledge especially for marathon running and marathon training.

Knowledge of biomechanics and training is vital if you need to diagnose and treat running injuries.  Many distance runners visit physiotherapists who have limited knowledge on sports injuries.

It is important for the public to understand that university physiotherapy training has very limited sports injury input and any knowledge of the subject has to be obtained post graduation.
Sports therapy and sports rehabilitation degrees are relatively new university training programmes which deal specifically with sports injuries and therefore can offer an alternative to physiotherapy from physiotherapists.

Sports therapy and sports massage courses are available at further education level but input generally would be of a lower level than the 3 years training at university.

Atlas Running Injury Clinic in Solihull Birmingham boast industry respected practitioners with a vast experience in sporting injuries.  We have sports physiotherapists who specialise in running injury treatments and a sports podiatrist for biomechanical evaluations, video gait analysis, laser foot scanning and supply and fitting of prescription orthotics.

Atlas practitioners are runners themselves and include a 1hour 10 mins half marathon winner.   We understand running and the needs of runners and if you add the fact that our practitioners include sports injury lecturers and a sports injury website consultant you can feel reassured you are in good hands.

Our injury treatments are fully "hands on" using soft tisssue techniques and various types of massage.
We use electrotherapy for speeding up the healing process and as we have osteopaths among the team we can perform manipulations of the skeletal system should it be necessary.

Ultrasound, interferential, mediwave, infra red heat, thermal stones and cryotherapy are used alongside muscle energy techniques and trigger point therapy.  Acupuncture is another option should it be indicated.

Exercise prescription and stretching advice from our sports physiotherapist, Premier Training fitness and therapy lecturer ensures your rehabilitation should move forward swiftly and safely.  Our running therapists can offer advice and tips on your training and assist with tips on how to run quicker without injury.

Call our Running Injury Team on 0121 709 5222 and see what Atlas can do for you
Running Injury Treatments ideally require specialised knowledge from a sports physiotherapist or sports podiatrist with running experience. Marathon runners who undertake marathon training for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon, the Great North Run, Birmingham Half Marathon or the Lichfield 10k may well pick up a sports injury when the mileage increases.
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