Running Injury Clinic
Solihull Birmingham
[Laser Foot Scanning]
[Biomechanical Evaluation]
[Video Gait Analysis]
[Knee Pain]
[Calf Strain]
[Achilles Tendonitis]
[Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)]
[Patella Tendonitis]
[Hamstring Strain]
[I T Band Syndrome]
[Sprained Ankle]
[Back Pain]
Initial Consultation including a treatment          52    Up to an hour
Follow Up Treatments - Associates              42    30 mins

Follow Up Treatments  - Clinic Director              47      30 mins

Shockwave Treatments                                      62 per session
Pay as you go or prepay fees
Non Discounted Fees  ( invoiced )
Initial Consultation including a treatment             62
Follow Up Treatments                                          47
Registered with all major Private Health Insurance Companies. Please check your policy details as they may insist on a GP referral letter.