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Calf strains and calf injuries in runners are common and will stop you running.  In most cases they are not serious and can be resolved quickly with the correct treatment and advice. 

Most common area is the musculo-tendon junction ( MTJ ) which is just below half way up the centre of the calf muscle between the two bellies of the gastrocnemius muscle.

This is an area of transition between muscle and the formation of the achilles tendon and is an area prone to stress and calf pain.

Our Tamworth Sports Injury Clinic in Staffordshire and Solihull Birmingham Running Injury Clinic can cater for your running injury needs and treat your calf injury fast.
As the calf muscle has a very rich blood supply it should respond to treatment quickly.  Electrotherapy,massage and ultrasound work well in increasing the blood supply and promoting healing.

Soft tissue repair should be managed correctly and the cause of the calf strain should be investigated before resuming running again.

Tight calf muscles, failing to warm up and running on uneven ground can be a causative factor in calf injuries and calf muscle tears.

Stretching regimes of the calf muscles should be employed when running long distances and regular running training for a marathon requires proper calf stretching to be part of the training regime. Far too many runners obtain incorrect stretching advice and thus the calf stretches have little or no effect

Poor biomechanics can lead to calf strains as can dehydration, so ensure you drink plenty of fluids.

Help with calf strains and running injuries can be obtained by telephoning our Atlas running sports physiotherapists and sports podiatrist

on   0121 709 5222
Calf pain and calf strains are common in sport, especially in running.  Calf muscle strains need to be treated properly before calf muscle exercises and calf muscle rehabilitation can begin. Calf strengthening exercises can start once the calf muscle has healed and recovery time for a calf strain depends on the degree of damage sustained.  Calf Injury in runners is usually minor and should not delay training for too long. 
Hot stones treatment on injured calf muscle