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Blisters for runners can be a nightmare and prevent you running.  Pain and soreness on your feet will irritate and make training very difficult.  Running blisters can result from poor fitting shoes, orthotic insoles not fitted correctly, or simply your running socks may be irritating your feet.

A foot blister is caused by friction rubbing not pressure.  Hard skin and callus formation is a result of excess pressure over an area and the body will attempt to protect it by developing hard skin layers over the area.

Blisters on the other hand are caused by rubbing over the area which irritate and damage the skin surface creating foot pain. This creates an inflammatory response and a swelling under the skin is noted.  Care must be taken not to burst the blister as this allows bacteria into the wound and infection can occur.
Protect the blister with a plaster if necessary and rest until it has healed.  Prevention is better than cure so ensure you lightly rub vaseline into your feet and toes which will prevent friction.

Recent wearing of orthotic insoles can result in blisters but this should not be so.  If your feet are rubbing over the orthotic it is not fitting correctly and needs to be addressed.  It is not supposed to rub against your feet and suggestions that you need to get used to them is rubbish.  If they give you blisters they need to be looked at!

Running shoes that are too big will allow your feet to slide forward especially running down hills, this can cause friction blisters.  Worn running shoes with damaged heel protectors and frayed material can rub you creating heel blisters.

Don't be a running victim of blisters, they can be avoided.  If you notice one developing please attend to the cause as soon as possible because they are very painful and will interfere with your training.

A foot specialist such as a sports podiatrist can advise on prevention of blisters and treat them if they are causing problems with your running.  Atlas Running Injury Clinic has Peter Taylor a Sports Podiatrist and  John Williams a Sports Physiotherapist on hand if you need help.

We have a Tamworth Sports Injury Clinic in Staffordshire should you live near Lichfield or Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

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Medial Arch Foot Blister
Running blisters on balls of feet, running blisters on toes and running blisters on arches of the foot are common sites for running blisters. Marathon runners may use special socks to prevent blisters but medial arch blisters are usually caused by something that doesn't fit correctly.  Running shoes too big, orthotics incorrectly fitted, over pronated feet are all possible causes.  Visit the Running specialists at Atlas Running Sports Injury Clinic for a diagnosis and advice on how to stop painful blisters.