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Back pain will be experienced by all of us at some time during our life.  Backache and low back pain is a common experience and in some cases can keep you from attending work.

Bulging disc, slipped disc, lumbago, facet lock, spondylosis, spondylitis, spondylolithesis, spinal stenosis and sacroiliitis are all terms used to describe problems with the spine and pelvis

Runners generally suffer less back pain compared to the population who take very little exercise and running is a great way to control your weight and body composition.

If you have a substantial leg length inequality, then running will aggravate your low back and possibly irritate spinal nerves such as the sciatic nerve which is a condition called sciatica.  This is commonly known as "a trapped nerve"
Trapped nerves such as the sciatic nerve can be felt traveling down the back of the thigh and in the buttock.  In more severe cases it will give altered sensation into the foot and calf muscle.  Back pain during pregnancy is  very often present but will resolve itself after the birth.  Osteopaths can help with this during pregnancy and Atlas Osteopaths have clinics in Tamworth and Solihull should you need help.

Left sided lower back pain or right sided lower back pain may indicate a sacro-iliac joint problem. Back pain causes are varied and need an accurate diagnosis before commencing treatment.

Poor lower leg biomechanics may be responsible for the symptoms, however it may be postural or work related activity that has damaged your spine.  Heavy lifting or prolonged bending when gardening can cause disc herniations and disc bulges which will press against the nerve roots adjacent to your spine.  This will cause nerve root irritation with back and leg pain.

Treatment for back pain is a specialist area and Solihull Back Pain Clinic in Hall Green Birmingham and
Atlas Back Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth Staffordshire have Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Acupuncture practitioners who are experienced in diagnosing and treating your problem.  You can book an appointment by telephoning 
0121 709 5222 and speak to our Back Pain team.

Left unattended back pain can develop into something chronic and will eventually stop you running

Low Back Pain
The cause of back pain and lower back pain in particular is varied.  Back pain in early pregnancy, back pain during pregnancy and back pain after pregnancy can all be a result of postural changes and the relaxing of spinal ligaments to allow for the transit of the forthcoming birth.

Back pain treatment is different for pregnancy for obvious reasons but back pain relief is needed as it can be pretty unpleasant to endure months of backache.  Once the child has been born and recovery is complete, back pain exercises can be introduced to strengthen the low back muscles and offer pain relief.